Once upon a time a little lady had a big dream...

Once upon a time a little lady had a big dream...

In 2016 our baby Zahra's Collection was in her figurative womb waiting for our hero's Zahra and Maddie to get the ball rolling 

For the last 8 years, Zahra has expanded her wardrobe and developed her contacts with the lovely Fashion Ladies of Sydney. 

Meanwhile, Maddie is studying in Perth, honing her terrible jokes, computer science and still figuring out what she wants out of life. 

On the 10th December 2016 our hero's reunited at Sydney Airport, where they spend the next two months building their friendship, trust and boundaries. 

Our Hero's are paid a visit by Zahra's Son/ Maddie's Brother, Jordan.

Jordan, Maddie and Zahra have a wonderful time galivanting throughout the sites of Sydney.

Zahra decided to Move back to Western Australia, where the weather is better.

The 29th of January 2017 Zahra's Collection is officially registered by Zahra and Maddie upstairs in their Campbelltown, town house. 

Two weeks later Maddie returns to Western Australia to commence her degree at Curtin University. 

Zahra continues to shop for herself and work for Human Services but this time with a whisper of hope and excitement; her dream could become a reality... 

In April 2017 Zahra stepped back onto Western Soil where we made preparations for the move. Our Hero's got to know Perth again with the beautiful sunsets over the ocean, clean streets, wide roads and more beach than people. 

Zahra flew back to Sydney after 2 weeks and started packing. Within the season Zahra had set up camp in Perth. 

As she settled into an old role but a new place she thrived being surrounded by kind coworkers, her children and old friends even made it out of the woodwork.

June 2017 Zahra was transferred to a new office but it was not like the last one; months of hardship at her new office took a toll on Zahra but she held out hope for her dream. 

Zahra and Maddie were off to the Mawlid in Sydney, reconfirming business connections and making our first stock order...

Plus doing a little shopping of our own.


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